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Trouble understanding your students sometimes?
Problems communicating with their parents?


If you want to SPEAK Spanish...


THE SAME PARENTS who you have trouble understanding

would love to become your FREE PRIVATE TUTORS.


ShareLingo has just what you need to in order to

connect and practice with Spanish speaking parents.

High quality and perfect to start communicating. 

Make learning Spanish




ShareLingo will teach

you HOW!

This short course puts learning Spanish on hyper-drive.  Focus on what's fast and important.


It tells you how to make the process easy - As a teacher, you know the value of learning by teaching, right?


AND - it tells you how to connect and practice with your Spanish speaking parents - who will very willingly become your FREE PRIVATE TUTORS because you're going to help them also!


PLUS - INCLUDED with this ONLINE course, 

You'll also receive our 35 page printable eBook version for FREE (normally $97).

So you can print any materials or lessons you need to.

In this course for Teachers & parents you will learn about:

  • The ShareLingo Model

  • How to introduce yourself

  • Greetings and Farewells

  • Phrases for talking with parents

  • Statements/Commands to Students

  • Questions parents might ask

  • Items teachers might want to tell/ask parents

  • YouTube video links

They really do make it easier!

"After learning more about ShareLingo, it's refreshing to know that they really understand the language & cultural gaps we encounter in our country, whether in our education & legal systems, our government institutions, our health care providers or any other industry, for that matter. They really do "make it easier for people from different cultures to understand and respect each other".

~ Marta Welch

Two thumbs up!

"Great learning environment for developing foreign language skills. I first studied Spanish using the Pimsleur program, it was great for learning some basic Spanish conversation, I have also taken courses at Colorado Free University as well as week long courses at language schools in Costa Rica and Bogota, Colombia.
From my experience Sharelingo is about as close to attending a language school in a foreign country as anything I have experienced in my local community."

~ Brian Langenfeld

This place is amazing!

It's the best way aside from full immersion that exists to learn a language. It's not like a boring classroom course, and doesn't require you to put your life on hold to travel.

~ Abram Palmer

About James Archer

James Archer. Founder of the ShareLingo project, and author of Beyond Words: An Amazon # 1 best seller and # 1 new release.


He began ShareLingo in 2012 based on his own experience  learning Spanish. He knows there are thousands of options to learn vocabulary and grammar, but how or where can we practice with a native speaker?

In recent years, ShareLingo has helped thousands of people, both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking, come together to practice.


The method and materials have been tested, refined, and tested again - over and over - and he is very proud of this mission, and effectiveness of the system. He has also helped many businesses and schools with this program.

Do not hesitate to contact James or the ShareLingo team if you need any assistance. Remember that you are also doing something amazing here! You are helping another person learn another language and improve their lives.  And, you are strengthening our community.

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