FREE Spanish Success Workshop

How To make SPEAKING Spanish easy...

If you’ve ever struggled to speak Spanish with confidence,

this FREE 4-part workshop has the answers.

I'm James Archer, founder of The ShareLingo Project.


Over the years, I’ve become the go-to person for anyone that wants to speak English or Spanish.


I’ve taught thousands of people how to learn a new language and build their confidence right away - by helping them find and practice with native speakers that also want to learn. 


Now I help people through my "Spanish Success Path" course and membership - offering them private coaching sessions and much more.


My secret weapon is a step-by-step formula for speaking a new language easier and faster without worries or stress.


And I’m going to share this with you in this FREE online class.


Because my real goal is Connecting Cultures Through Language

You want to SPEAK Spanish...


Take the guesswork, frustration, boredom, and embarrassment out of learning a new language. 


Understand exactly where the roadblocks are,

and how to get past them.


This workshop will quickly

put you on the path to success.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to Focus on what is important to YOU

  • To understand the the language learning puzzle. So you don't get trapped in APPs.

  • How long it takes to reach different milestones.

  • How to make every practice encounter easy, effective, and most of all FUN.

  • Where and how to be confident meeting Spanish speakers to help you. (ShareLingo has a pretty  much unlimited supply of Spanish speakers looking for practice partners.)

  • EACH one of these 5 critical points can make speaking Spanish nearly impossible - or each one can be EASY.

Workshop Schedule

This workshop consists of 4 free training sessions that you can access at your convenience.


The 4 modules will be available as follows:

  • Module 1 - The 5 Critical steps to Spanish Success
    • There are 5 Key areas that can mean the difference between success or failure - So many people FAIL when trying to learn a new language simply because they don't understand these 5 simple things  (30.49)
  • Module 2 - Meeting Spanish speakers
    • Meeting Spanish speakers is vastly easier than most people think.  In this video, I tell you how to think about meeting them - and I also share why they want to meet you so desperately   (24.42)
  • Module 3 - How to Practice  - 
    • When two people get together to practice, they have to have a PLAN for what they will do - otherwise, they will struggle, get bored, and quit.  But with a Method - you know exactly what to do to make progress quickly. (17:37)
  • Module 4 - Achieving your Goals
    • Now that you know the Critical steps to Spanish success, and you know where to find Spanish speakers and how to practice with them, you can really focus on your own personal mission and goals. 
    • NOTE:  In this module, I also talk about your mission, and explain ShareLingo's mission and goals - (41:37)
  • Don't let another year, or two, or five pass you by without speaking Spanish.  As far as personal development, this is the single greatest thing you can do in your life. Achieving your dreams and goals is much closer than you think. 

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