Learning Spanish? Or want to?


You can speak Spanish Easier, Faster, and Cheaper if you have someone to practice with.


But, where do you find them?

(Guess what - they're looking for YOU)


Because you speak ENGLISH, they would love to help you Speak Spanish


Announcing a scholarship program that's building a community for 

students in North, Central, and South America to learn how to practice together



The ShareLingo Project is a Social Enterprise located in Denver Colorado Connecting Cultures Through Language 


We developed the easiest and most effective program available for direct human to human practice.


WHAT ??   Learn Spanish from a HUMAN BEING? 

Can that even work?


YES - absolutely - in fact, learning from a human being is the ONLY thing that works - apply now. 


Speaking Spanish is the single biggest step you can take to improve your career prospects, your travel opportunities, and your entire way of life. 


BUT...  No matter what courses and apps you are using now, connecting with native Spanish speakers for practice is the single best way to make the process easier and faster.


For students in Central and South America, speaking English opens doors to better careers that may literally support their entire families. 


No matter what program you are using now to learn vocabulary and grammar, you have to have people to talk to in order to really speak Spanish, and reach your goals.   


All of those students in Central and South America who are studying English have exactly the same problem - they need to have someone to practice with.


The ShareLingo Project is offering a Scholarship Program to guide qualifying university students for one year using the ShareLingo Method and Bilingual Materials.


In this program, you will have an opportunity to meet and practice with Spanish speaking students throughout Latin America that are also applying for the Scholarships.  They are excited to meet you!


 You can see the Spanish version of this page HERE.


To see if you qualify for this opportunity, just complete the simple one-page application by clicking the button below the video - or scroll down further to learn about the program details. 



All of the materials and training for the ShareLingo program

are being provided to students at NO CHARGE.


There is a one-time $100 setup / admin fee

so we can create and 

host your account for the year


As seen on:


ShareLingo focuses on what is necessary to help you SPEAK Spanish.


We show you a METHOD for practicing and share bilingual materials to use during your practice sessions.


And more, we create and support a COMMUNITY of English and Spanish speakers who want to practice together.


Spanish will be important in every part of your life 


but more than anything else, to open up opportunities for a better career in this country and internationally.

This scholarship is available to all college/university level students wanting to speak Spanish.

It's open to all, irrespective of race, religion, gender, political affiliations, country of origin, or any other factor. 



HOWEVER - SPACES ARE LIMITED: There are literally millions of people who want to learn to speak Spanish, but we can't help everyone at the same time, so be sure to apply right away. Once accepted, we will be waiting to welcome you to the ShareLingo family. 

Who is this scholarship for, and what does it offer?

  • This scholarship is for college and  university students who need the subsidy, seriously want to speak Spanish, and are ready to commit to the program.

  • If you are accepted, you will be given complete access to our program for a period of one year and you absolutely will speak Spanish.. 

  • As a program member, you will also be given access to a ShareLingo Membership for one year.

  • You will make friends - locally, and

    throughout Latin America and the world. 

  • We will assign SIMPLE exercises each week that require a commitment of about 3 hours to complete.


  • No Tests!  -  Unlike in other programs, we will not test you on how many words you learn, but we will monitor your dedication to the process. 

  • You'll not only practice Spanish, but also help Latinos practice English while you gain confidence speaking Spanish.

  • This scholarship is for ONE YEAR of access to the iShareLingo membership. 

Included in the scholarship:

  • 7 week "Success Path" course (Value: $ 1,997.00 USD)
  • Access to bilingual materials for 5 levels (Value: $ 1,000.00 USD)
  • Daily Lesson recordings - (Valor: $2,970.00 USD)


  • Bonus materials for each level (Value: $1,997.00)
  • FaceBook Lives and Webinars (Value: $1,200 USD)
  • Access to the private iShareLingo FB group (Value: $240.00 USD)


If approved, you will receive access to all of this training,

plus the bonuses, plus the ShareLingo community,

for one year - almost FREE.

($100 admin / setup fee)



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