you can SPEAK Spanish...

"ShareLingo is, without a doubt, the most powerful language program available, giving you more of exactly what you need to be successful.  Because it's based on PEOPLE."


Build your confidence - naturally.

At The ShareLingo Project, we know that speaking Spanish doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful or hard. And we know that ANYONE can do it.


MOST classes, APPs, and courses - and there are thousands of options out there - focus on either vocabulary or grammar.  The theoretical "stuff".  The "foundation".   And yes, that's important...  But....  It can also make the process a lot harder than it should be.


WHERE do you get practical experience?  Speaking to human beings??  WHY aren't there thousands of places to do THAT?  


Since ShareLingo opened its doors, our goal has always been to simplify the learning process, and make it more natural, facilitating more human interaction in place of APPs and Computers.

And that’s why we’ve built this unique program, pulling it all together in an

easy-to-follow framework that gets powerful results.

Our mission is simple: Connect English and Spanish speakers to practice together, following a step-by-step success path, using a unique method and the right type of materials.


Over the past five years, with thousand of students, we’ve refined and perfected the process of speaking Spanish (and English) with a PROVEN method.


Simply put, at ShareLingo we know what works….and what doesn’t. Our powerful method has been designed to give you the results you are looking for, in less time, with far less frustration than if you tried to do it on your own.

Here is a look at what the Spanish Success PathSM Course and Membership includes

24/7 Access to private platform 

Each module is delivered at the perfect time.

Deep Dive into each step of The Spanish PathSM  (Value $1997)

Broken down into 5 weekly modules where ...


We’ll explain exactly how each step can mean the difference between failure or success in your quest to speak Spanish.


We will help YOU map out your own Spanish Success PATH.

Lessons and exercises based on the 5000 most frequently used words (Value $497)

Five Thousand words and phrases!!

Access to Five complete 10-lesson bilingual courses

(Value $200 each)

Beginner, Basic 1, Basic 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2


Advanced training is also available but uses different materials.


Enough materials for 50 weeks (or MORE) of practicing with your new friends!

Special training - how to use YOUR OWN WORDS and PHRASES

(Value $497)

So you can reach your unique goals FASTER


Access to the PRIVATE iShareLingo community! (Value $240 / year)

That’s why you are here, right?  To meet people? To have conversations?  To practice with human beings?


But you want comfortable, safe, friendly, passionate, and motivated people!


AND - Since it’s PRIVATE - it is ONLY people like US  - English and Spanish speakers who understand and embrace ShareLingo values and goals - and who understand the ShareLingo method.

Hand Holding by the ShareLingo team!  

(Yep - that’s priceless)

Get your questions ANSWERED about learning Spanish, or how to practice or whatever YOU need.

Access to Parents and Teacher course

Save $100

Access to Hospitality course

Save $100

PLUS - Access to every NEW course we create - (Value $100 each)

Construction, health care, banking/finance, etc…

TWO Guarantees

14 Days - No questions asked - The “It’s not the right program for me right now”​ guarantee.


12 Months -  a FULL year - The - “I did what you said and it didn’t work for me” guarantee.


The iShareLingo course and materials are provided online... yes. 




That means REAL PEOPLE having REAL CONVERSATIONS in a comfortable and supportive environment. 


Whether you are meeting online using Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype, Zoom etc,

or you are meeting FACE TO FACE in your community,

this is about human beings helping each other.



ShareLingo isn’t just the world’s best program to learn Spanish, it is the world’s best learning community.


And it's UNIQUE - NO other organization combines ShareLingo's model, method, and materials.

Our students have seen incredible results.


But even with all this success, the biggest thing our students have in common is the way they pour back into our community and support one another.


When you join iShareLingo you are not just learning Spanish, you’re getting a tribe. It truly is the most uplifting, encouraging, and supportive group of learners that you will ever find.



Meet some members of our ShareLingo Family


When you enroll in ShareLingo's Spanish Success Path you will have access to all the tools you need to be successful. Our comprehensive system provides a step-by-step plan, while the course materials are designed to explain each step in detail.  



The doors for The Spanish Success PathSM are finally open, and only for four short days. That means this is your only chance to take that first critical step towards the future success you’ve dreamed of.


What do you wish you would have started a year ago?


One year from now, you can either be wishing you had started, or looking back on everything you’ve accomplished. You have the power to change your future, but you have to make the choice.

  • Access to 5 Complete Spanish courses. Get 5 courses that will help you take action and actually apply the lessons you are learning to your life.

  • Private iShareLingo Community. Get access to our private Facebook group where you can connect daily with other students & The ShareLingo Team and get help

  • Ongoing Support. Get ongoing support and encouragement in your learning journey, including weekly emails, weekly Live sessions, and access to our entire ShareLingo support team.

  • $1000+ in Bonuses. Get more than $1,000 in additional ShareLingo bonuses, including special materials and recordings of Q/A sessions that we create and much more.

  • Lifetime Access. Get lifetime access for the life of the iShareLingo course to all future course updates

  • Become Fluent. Get all the tools you need to create your Spanish Success Path. Our comprehensive framework provides a step-by-step plan, while the course materials are designed to explain each step in detail. From here on out, you’ll never wonder what your next step should be

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Not one, but TWO Guarantees.  Yes... A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you complete all the course assignments and do not connect with real Spanish speakers to make progress, you can request a full refund.



Standard Pricing

The Spanish Success PathSM Course -P

Please select this option if you can - I have a special Thank You if you do... 


  • "ShareLingo is, without a doubt, the most powerful language program available, giving you more of exactly what you need to be successful.  Because it's based on PEOPLE."

  • "ShareLingo gave me the model, method, and materials to make the process easy.  AND I found people to practice with."

  • NOTE:  This option includes a special “thank you” for helping support ShareLingo's mission - two 1-hour personal coaching calls with James

$ 547.00

Discount Price

For Teachers, Non-Profits, First Responders, and all the people that support our community (Or people who just really need the discount right now)  Thank you for doing what you do... 


  • This is ShareLingo's  way of saying Thank You to all of the people in our community who support us...  


  • ShareLingo is... "Connecting Cultures Through Language" in a way that no other organization does.  We bring real people together and help them help each other.

  • And ShareLingo is also the "missing link" in the language learning process - We go beyond the APPs and Classes and help people gain confidence actually SPEAKING.   


$ 347.00


Monthly Pricing

The Spanish Success PathSM Course AND MembershipP

Bundled into one monthly price. 


  • We Listened: 


    Some people told us they need / want to go with monthly instead of all at once...


    OK  :)

  • Includes the same Spanish Success Path course Model, Method, and Materials as the other two options.

  • Flexible Membership in the iShareLingo community. Stay just as long as you need to.

$ 39.00/month

ShareLingo's mission - what's up with that?

The ShareLingo Project was founded to "Connect Cultures Through Language"


It was originally going to be another non-profit, but so many non-profits are struggling these days, that we decided to go with Social Enterprise instead. 


Same values - same goals - same mission. 


But instead of asking for grants and donations, we try to cover our program costs through these fees.


One of the goals of this current campaign is to help University Students and Teachers throughout Latin America improve their English by connecting them with YOU.   


Here at ShareLingo, every person on our team, and really, we think everyone in our whole ShareLingo family, believes that we can all live and work together regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, economic status, or anything else.  We would love to welcome you into our family...


There is a bit more information about our Social Side at 







At ShareLingo, we know that sometimes the hardest part of learning a new language is often just getting started, and taking those essential first steps that will set you on the path to success.
And that’s why, for those who would like to take their learning a huge step further, we are offering a special Course: Mapping Your Success Path.


My team and I will help you, answering your biggest questions and nailing down your concerns, so that you know exactly how be successful module by module.
It is the perfect way to jump start your progress and get you to your goals a whole lot faster.


We absolutely believe that It is possible for ANYONE to learn Spanish successfully. ShareLingo shares exactly how it is done, step by step, and we want you to buy with confidence. In fact, we are so confident that our program works, we are willing to put it in writing and offer TWO ZERO RISK money back guarantees. If you begin, and find this is not the right course for you at this time, that's OK. And anyone who completes all course assignments within one year of enrollment and does not gain more confidence meeting and speaking with native Spanish speakers will receive their money back.

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