Welcome to iShareLingo

To speak Spanish, you need more than just vocabulary, you need practice and confidence.


ShareLingo brings English and Spanish Speakers

together to do exactly that.


What is The ShareLingo Membership?

The ShareLingo project has created a Membership program in order to help all those who

want to learn Spanish in a more effective way, offering them the help, content and lessons

they need - (based on level of each student: Beginner, Basic, Intermediate or Advanced);

so that they can achieve specific goals.


Based on our experience, we know that learning Spanish will benefit almost every area of your life. We have also recognized that practice is critical during the learning process.


How we help our Members?

The benefits offered by the iShareLingo Membership program have been analyzed

and carefully designed to guide the student towards an easy, constant and successful experience.


  • iShareLingo Group

    Our members have access to the iShareLingo group on Facebook so they can introduce themselves and find a practice partner - a native Spanish speaker, who is also looking for a practice partner.


    In this group, each member can post their questions and / or comments and receive support from the ShareLingo team and other people who are also learning and who want to help and share experiences.

  • Your Success Path

    The Success Path includes six modules designed to guide the members through a proven success path.


    Throughout this course, you will

    determine your goals and motivation. You will understand how to find and help immigrant and foreign native Spanish speakers. And, you will learn how to optimize your practice time together.

  • Daily Lessons

    You should not learn hundreds of words in a short time. Daily practice with a few words at a time is more important and effective.


    This way, our brain accepts this information more efficiently, facilitating AND memorization. This is possible by learning through the Progression System


    As a member, you will have access to daily lessons and learning just 10 words every day you will learn Spanish almost without noticing!

  • The ShareLingo Method

    The ShareLingo method has been used successfully in face-to-face classes in. You will work and learn with the content that has helped thousands of students succeed in their learning of both Spanish and English.


    With The ShareLingo method you will know how to practice with a practice partner using  our bilingual materials, this way you will: listen, Read, Pronounce, Understand, Translate and Talk

  • Spanish Courses

    The iShareLingo Membership offers 6 complete Spanish courses. You can start from Beginner and continue learning and continue to Basic 1, Basic 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and advanced.


    Our English courses are open so that you can, regardless of your level, have immediate access to higher levels or, review previous levels if you consider that you need it

  • Suport from our team

    Our team is ready for helping the iShareLingo Members.


    If you have any questions or comments, or if you need help or support, you can contact us anytme.


    We love to hear from you, and will respond as soon as possible.

Are you ready for Learning Spanish?

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